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The law offices of Mark S. Cornwall have specialized in squeezing as much money as possible for clients out of Insurance Companies for the last 28 years. Our motto is, "Make the client happy." This is sometimes difficult to do unless you handle every case individually and do what is right for this particular person, given the pain they have suffered.

DePuy, (a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson) was well aware of the risk of implant failure, as high as 12% - 13% before they were stopped from selling their implant devices in Australia in 2009 after grossing 5.4 BILLION dollars. Yet they continued to sell them in the United States for approximately a year before they did a "voluntary recall" in late August of 2010. The money they made was at the risk of you having to have the implant removed within five years.

Whatever you may think, DePuy Orthopedics is not your friend, even as hard as they try and make you think so. Please read the article on this page that gives you the facts behind the recall and what to do next.

Many people have been through trials and swore the stress was not worth it, until it was over. To find Justice in our legal system is not as easy as you may think. Each case that comes from this DePuy Recall litigation will be determined by the individual client. There are those that want to get in, compromise, and get out with what they can. Others will require a trial.

After 28 years of handling insurance adjusters, Mark S. Cornwall has handled every kind of personal injury, and takes on any manufacturer's defective design whether it be United Airlines or MacDonalds, or the tractor manufacturer down the road. However, at this point in his life, he is looking to help victims in the counties of Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo, California. Results are best when they remain local. A class action is only good for those with little pain and suffering because the lion's share goes to the attorneys.

Mark has lived in Santa Barbara since three years after he graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara in 1974 and has practiced law in the same location for 28 years. Twice he has had published opinions from both the Federal and State Appellate Courts setting personal injury precedents. He attended the National Hip Replacement Summit on October 21, 22, and 23, 2010, to strategize and contribute to this recent flood of litigation resulting from DePuy's malfeasance.

News and Updates
This alert is to help those people who have been victimized, or will be victimized, by a failed hip surgery replacement implant from 2003 to the present. By letter dated Aug. 24, 2010, DePuy Orthopeadics, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, recalled 93,000 defective implants on a so-called voluntary basis.

The two hip replacement devices recalled are known as the ASR Hip Recurring System and the ASR XL Acetabluor System, commonly referred to as ASR. According to a source...

More than two years after the Food and Drug Administration began receiving complaints about the failure of a hip replacement implant made by the DePuy Orthopaedics unit of Johnson & Johnson, the company said Thursday that it was recalling two kinds of hip implants.

DePuy said that it had made the decision to withdraw the products because...